Open Hours

Monday  9 – 5

Wednesday & Friday  12 – 5

Saturday  9 – 12

Sunday  1 – 3

We are available for use by groups and classes at any time. Contact us for more details.

Please be aware that parking can be a problem at busy times. Consider carpooling to large events.


How does our small rural town connect with each other? Through our Community Center and Library! Located on the first floor of the Marlboro Meeting House, we are open three days a week for general use, and much more to host events.

Come by to check out books, lounge on sofas with soup and bread, watch it snow with tea and cookies, enjoy our high speed public wi-fi, play a board game, admire our gallery of local art, or attend one of our many events!

The Marlboro Community Center is a component organization of the Marlboro Alliance, which is now based out of this space. The Marlboro Alliance is an all-volunteer, community-focused charitable organization. Incorporated in 2005, the Alliance works to support the individuals and families in our small, vibrant community. The Alliance raises funds for emergency assistance, disaster relief, educational scholarships, educational enrichment programs, community events, and contributing to many other community resources such as food and heating assistance,

and:                                                             alliance umbrella

Marlboro Cares

The Marlboro Mixer

The Marlboro Fair

The Marlboro Town Library


The Marlboro Community Center Committee is a group of local people working to create a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable community center.

524 South Rd. * Marlboro, VT 05344 * 802.257.0801
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